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Your first visit to our office will involve about a 15-minute discussion, in which Dr. Jesperson will present his evaluation and treatment recommendations. This appointment should provide the necessary information for the patients’ family as well as for correspondence to the family dentist.

RECALL visits are usually scheduled for patients who are not ready for orthodontic treatment. Our recall system is computerized and patients are scheduled every six to 12 months following the initial examination. It is important to keep these visits so that we are able to assist our patients during their development years.

RECORDS appointment takes about 40 minutes. Models, photos and radiographs are obtained by a qualified assistant. Many times, these records are necessary to make an accurate diagnosis and to provide treatment alternatives for the patient. Measurements are taken from the dental models, as well as the radiographs, when planning orthodontic therapy.

BRACES are placed with relative ease as most of the braces are placed on the outside surface of the tooth with a procedure called bonding. No anesthesia is necessary and most of the braces can be placed in less than 15 minutes. The total time involved with this appointment is approximately 90 minutes. We spend time following the banding discussing oral hygiene techniques with the patient.

RETAINERS are necessary for our patients following correction of the orthodontic problem to ensure stabilization of the finished results. We deliver these retainers as soon as possible following the removal of braces and ask our patients to be sincere in their responsibility to these appliances. We check our patients once every three to six months for a couple of years to ensure stability and optimum satisfaction. We provide either fixed or removable styles of retainers.

Upon request, the initial examination, records appointment and placement of braces can be scheduled during the first visit.

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